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Are you a Millennial who is interested in buying a home? If so, now may be an excellent time to purchase a house. Millennials who understand the ins and outs of buying a house will be better equipped to make a great home purchase. So what should a Millennial look for in a new house? Here are three factors that every Millennial should consider when they evaluate a house: 1. Location Location is everything in the real estate market, and Millennials who consider a house's location relative to their personal needs are sure to find a wonderful house. For instance, if you don't own a car, you may want to consider purchasing a house that is located near public transportation. Conversely, if you want your home to be a haven from the hustle and bustle of your day-to-day office work, you may want to consider buying a house outside the busy city. Examine the location of a prospective residence during the home evaluation process. By doing so, you'll improve your chances of finding a home that fulfills your personal needs both now and in the future. 2. Price A home is a long-term investment, and as such, you'll need to consider the house's price before you begin your search for the perfect residence. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage generally is a good idea before you start looking at homes. Pre-approval means you'll be able to establish a homebuying budget and determine the maximum amount that you can spend on a house. Also, you should examine your personal finances closely prior to your home search. This may allow you to find ways to save extra money for a down payment on a house and explore other cost-cutting measures to ensure you have enough money to afford a new residence. 3. Debt Unfortunately, debt plagues many Millennials and can destroy your chances of purchasing a house quickly and easily. As a result, you'll want to examine your debt and find ways to reduce it before you buy a house. To minimize debt, you'll first need to know your credit score. Fortunately, you're eligible for a free copy of your credit report from each of the three major credit reporting bureaus (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) at least once a year. Get a copy of your credit report so you know your credit score. Then, you can review the sources of your debt and work toward paying off outstanding credit card bills and other debt that may hinder your ability to purchase your ideal residence. Of course, buying a house can be a stressful endeavor for Millennials. And if you need extra help along the way, it is essential to remember that you can employ a friendly, experienced real estate agent. A real estate agent enables you to take the guesswork out of the homebuying process, and ultimately, may make it simple for you to find a house that fits your personal needs and budget. With the right real estate agent at your side, you'll be able to streamline the process of buying a house and discover a residence that suits you perfectly.

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Jade Plants Tough and hardy, succulents are some of the easiest houseplants to grow indoors. While there are hundreds of different varieties of succulents, a tried, and true favorite is the Jade plant (Crassula ovate) which can survive for decades on loving neglect. Native to South Africa, the Jade plant thrives in arid conditions, developing thick fleshy leaves that trap the moisture the plant requires. The Jade plant prefers full filtered sun or semi-shade. The leaves overheat and become brown along the edges when the plant receives hot, direct sunlight A Lucky Plant Individuals applying Feng Shui principles in their home organization and décor, embrace the hardy succulent. The full, round leaves of the Jade plant symbolize health and vitality. The easy care plant is known as a “lucky” or “wealth-attracting” greenery. Grow outdoors on the patio in the summer months and move indoors before the first frost. Jade plants cannot tolerate freezing temperatures. Watering Your Jade Plant Do not overwater or have your Jade plant standing in a dish or tray that traps water. Water only once a month during the dry summer season and every six to eight weeks during the winter months. Jade plants “rest” during the winter and prefer parched soil during this period. Excellent drainage is required, and plants do best in a sandy, gravel soil mixture. If you are transplanting a Jade plant, use a cactus potting soil mixture. If water is allowed to collect around the roots, root rot will occur and kill the plant. If a stem or a few leaves drop off your Jade plant, it is sure sign that it is receiving too much water. Keep an eye on your plant and if leaves start to appear to wilt, it's time for a bit of water. Lighting Jade plants enjoy the sunshine but will tolerate a low light location, Avoid exposing your plant to full noonday sun as leaves can become sunburned and will turn brown on the edge of leaves. Pruning Because the stems and leaves of the Jade plant store water, they can become top heavy, To keep your plant from becoming lopsided or top-heavy, trim back occasionally, Keep your plant from becoming “leggy” by pinching off new buds. Propagation Thriving on neglect, Jade plants are easy to grow as well as to propagate and share. Start new plants by snipping off the tip of a branch. Cut off a piece that is two to three inches long and place it in a container with moist sand or cactus potting soil. Some gardeners cut off a section of stem and leaves and place it on a dry surface to let the cut “heal” and seal over before placing in damp sand to root. Water infrequently and do not disturb the cutting to check for root growth for at least six weeks or more. Repotting Your Jade Plant Jade plants prefer to be somewhat root bound. Do not repot unless you notice roots growing out of the bottom of the container. Jade plants are slow growers, producing small white flowers when grown outdoors but typically does not bloom when cultivated indoors.

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Chefs need their organization in order to cook good meals for everyone. Everything from ingredients to utensils to small appliances must be organized and within reach for a stress-free preparation of meals. This is where a pantry comes in handy. A pantry is a place off of your kitchen where ingredients can be stored and utensils are tucked away. You can keep your small appliances there as well. The problem is that not all homes have a pantry. You may not even think that you have space for a pantry. If your home doesn’t have a a dedicated pantry, there are plenty of ways that you can create your own pantry. Here, we’ll give you some tips on how to create your own pantry easily and cost effectively. Add Shelving To Become Your Pantry There are shelving pieces available designed specifically for kitchens. Some of these shelves are even designed for commercial kitchens. You can mount them to wall space that you have available near the kitchen. The good news is that these shelving units are incredibly affordable. You can place them anywhere from the kitchen itself to a laundry room, or any other room that connects with the kitchen. Buy Readymade Shelves This is one of the simpler methods to create your own pantry. It could be as easy as buying a bookcase and repurposing it. The great part about bookshelves is that the shelves get wider as you move towards the bottom of the unit. The smaller shelves on the top can be used for smaller jars, spices and even cookbooks. The larger shelves can be used for oils and large containers. Dedicate A Shelving Area As Your Pantry If you have an unused nook, certain unused cabinets, or any other space close to your kitchen, you can make it into a pantry. Any sort of vertical cabinet that’s open provides you with a generous amount of pantry storage. Maximize Your Storage By labeling things, organizing items by type and putting pantry items into baskets, you’ll create more room in your dedicated pantry space. You can even make your pantry mobile by adding wheels to the bottom of the bookcase or shelving unit that you choose. When you’re more organized, life becomes easier. Use Drawers As Your Pantry Many cabinet retailers have drawers available that you can use to organize your pantry items. You could install these easily into your existing kitchen cabinet units. Store items in these spaces and keep them organized for simple and effective pantry storage.

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1 Geary Dr., Woburn, MA 01801



This is a beautiful updated 2 bedroom 1 bathroom first floor unit. Gorgeous original hardwood flooring throughout. Lots of energy efficient windows brings in sun light. Updated kitchen with granite counters, newer appliances and very nice white modern cabinets. Renovated bathroom with new vanity and flooring. Front porch and back porch, plenty of parking, large shared yard space. Heat and Central A/C are electric. Conveniently located off Pleasant St. short walk to Horn Pond and Woburn Center.
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You may have been thinking that you’d like to sell your home. You probably want to sell it at the right time and you want to go about it for the right reasons. There’s so many different that you may want to sell your home that you probably haven’t even thought of. 

There’s Not Many Homes To Choose From

If there’s a lack of inventory on the housing market, it’s a great time to put your home up for sale. Certain times of the year have lower inventory than others, so you may want to consider the fall and winter as a prime time to sell. If you know your home is in a great location, or has little work to be done in it, you’re probably going to want to sell sooner rather than later if you have been contemplating the idea in a low inventory market. 

Remember That Spring Starts Early

Especially in warmer climates, “spring” is a relative term and can start as early as January. People will start their searches online early in the year and the demand for homes only becomes more crucial as the year goes on. The earlier the listing, the better chance the home has to stand out on the market, even if it doesn’t sell right away. In fast moving real estate markets, it may not matter what time of year you sell your home. If the demand is there, you have a great chance to sell the home.

Price Matters

The lower the price point on a home, the faster it will generally move off the market. First-time homebuyers want homes and they want them fast. when your home is priced lower, it’s probably going to move a bit faster no matter when or where you’re selling it. Buyers are always looking for a good deal. 

Interest Rates Affect Home Sales

If there’s rumors that interest rates will rise in the coming months, buyers will be on the hunt for a home. That’s when it’s a good time for you as a buyer to put your home on the market. When buying power for those searching is high, you’re better off selling because you’ll get a lot of interest. Your home will leave the market much faster as well. 

The Decisions Is Yours

Selling your home is not a small decision. You’ll need to find another place to relocate to. Your kids may have to switch schools, and your lives can be a bit disrupted in the process of moving. If you think the time is right to move, you can keep the above suggestions in mind in order to make the entire process a bit more seamless for you.

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